Monday, January 26, 2015

My Faith and Testimony are Simple

Me and the world's two quietest dogs! We went and visited Ishikawa Shimai's grandma this week, because her grandma lives in Izumi, and she has these 2 cute dogs, but they were so mellow, and just walked up all quiet and never ever barked! What nice little souls! 
My Dear Family!

 This week me and Kanno Shimai did a split with the sisters in Ishinomaki. I worked with Ishikawa Shimai. As me and her were riding the bus back from Ishinomaki to Izumi to dendo for the day, I had a great experience! The bus ride is about one hour, and towards the end of the bus ride I decided to try talking to the woman sitting next to me. I pointed out the window and asked if the tsunami had come to this part of Sendai. 

That got our conversation started and we talked about the tsunami and she shared with me that both of her parents had been killed in it. I shared with her simply our belief that our families can be together forever, and I gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and told her how much peace and hope its given me in my life. I was so grateful that I could share my testimony with her! 

We finally started teaching our investigator Obara san again, after about a month of her being gone during the holidays! She is wonderful! This week we had a great lesson with her talking about the power Christ has to heal our spirits. We sang her "I Stand All Amazed" and she really liked it. 

On Friday we went over to a members house and had a gyoza party. (Gyoza is kind of like wan-tans). We made like 200 gyoza! The member invited one of her friends over and so we got to talk with her. She has lots of different religions in her background, and has attended our church once. She has lots of questions, and opinions, and has been exposed to some anti-mormon stuff, which is too bad, but it was really interesting to talk to her. 

It makes me realize how simple my testimony is. I haven:t ever looked into any other churches, trying to find the true church. I:ve just always believed that THIS church is true. I:ve felt the Spirit confirm to me through so many experiences and feelings, a sweet and steady assurance that what I:ve been taught to believe is true, actually IS the truth. And so even though my faith and testimony are simple, I know that what I know, is real. 

All my love! 
Love King Shimai

Hi Mama, I just wanted to tell you something cool! I hit my 18 month mark about a week ago, and on that day I finished reading the entire October General Conference Liahona! It was a fun accomplishment! 


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