Wednesday, January 14, 2015

He understands us completely.

My Dear Family of Mine! 

- This week we had training at the Honbu. Its always fun to go and get the special treatment at the Honbu!

- We had our zone training meeting this week. Me and Kanno Shimai did a couple of trainings about the Gathering of Israel and one about obedience. We have one more zone training meeting in a couple of weeks. 

- This week we met with a few of our members and studied Preach My Gospel together with them. It went really good and it was a fun way to dendo! 

- We got to meet with our investigator Ito san this week! She is doing great! She lives pretty far away, so a dear member willingly drove us all the way out to her house and jointed with us. 

We talked about Jesus Christ and the Atonement. We tried to keep it simple and heartfelt. At our training at the Honbu we learned about the importance of sharing personal experiences with our investigators to help them understand difficult things. So I decided to share an experience with her to help her understand the Atonement a little bit better.

I shared about skyping my family last May, and how my whole family and Micail was there. I told her how at that time in my mission I was still really homesick and struggling. I explained how wonderful and sweet it was to me to have my best friend Micail there, because she too had served a mission and she knew exactly what I was feeling and going through. And then I explained how that is like Jesus Christ:s Atonement. He:s experienced and felt what we are going through, and so His help and his comfort are so sweet and wonderful to us, because we know that He understands us completely. 

After talking about the Atonement we read some scriptures of Christ:s invitation to "follow him" by being baptized. We invited her to be baptized! She actually said no, that she isn:t at that point of wanting to get baptized. That for right now she wants to keep learning and walking down this path slowly at her own pace. But she also said that so far, she feels that its a good path! We told her that we are there to invite her, and that we truly just want her to feel the same happiness that we feel too. 

The Gospel makes me HAPPY! Japanese people make me happy! My testimony and the Book of Mormon make me happy! Our FAMILY makes me soo happy! I Love You! 

Love King Shimai

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