Sunday, January 4, 2015


To my favorite souls on the planet!
Akemashite Omedetou gozaimasu! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 

This week was New Years, so our schedule was a bit different this week. On New Years Eve we stayed in our comfy clothes all day and deep cleaned our apartment. We threw out about 5 bags of trash n` junk! 

Then on New Years Day we went to a couple of Shinto temples and soaked in all the wonderful Japanese culture! Then spent the rest of the day in the apartment reading scriptures and taking naps and making new year resolutions, cause we aren:t supposed to go out and dendo on that day. 

Some people tying their fortunes onto a rope at the Shinto temple we went to on New Years day.

Yesterday one of our investigators came to church for her very first time! She has been the elders investigator, but they just passed her to us, so we will start teaching her from here on out. Anyways, she came with a brother in our ward, who is in a wheel chair. She is his care giver, but also his girl friend too. I loved watching her take such good care of him and also to watch his patience and humility in having to be taken care of (he can:t use his arms or legs). I teared up just watching them and I felt so grateful for their goodness. 

Something really good in my life right now is that I:m eating tortillas over here! We had a daikon cooking party the other day at the Chapman family:s house with a bunch of non members and one of our investigators too. It was really fun. Then after everyone left, me and Kanno Shimai shared a short message with them about sharing the Light of Christ. Then afterwards, Sister Chapman said, "Why don:t you go upstairs to our food storage room and pick out something." It was awesome, cause they:re food storage room is chuck full of American foods like Mac n cheese, Rees Puff cereal, torillas and salsa, nutella.... So I picked out tortillas! Of course I love most Japanese food too, but it was still exciting getting to eat some food that I haven:t really been able to eat much here in Japan!

Chopping potatoes cause I was making mashed potatoes and steak for me for New Years Eve lunch...but my companion was fryin` up some ole pig intestines for her lunch, and it smelled. so. bad. ! :)

This week I got 4 letters in one day! One from Mama, one from my Grandma Mann, Milz and Josh:s wedding announcent, and the Kulikowski`s Family Christmas card. I love the fact that I live in such a good world that I get the Kulikowski Family Christmas card! Just think about that. Life is sweet! What a wonderful world. :)

All my LOVE to you my FAMILY! 
Love King Shimai

My companion eating a whole fish on a stick...head, bones, everything

Mmmm!...want to buy some cow tongue on a stick?!

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