Monday, October 28, 2013

3 Earthquakes

Hi Mama! I love you so so much! I got the world:s best letter in the mail this week. And you know who it was from? ....MY MOM!!!!! I LOVE you!

Thank you for sending Brother Chasedunns address. Brother Browne was so excited when I gave it to him.
My gear is working out great. I love my shoulder bag. Its been a little rainy lately, but the rain in Japan is different than the rain in Utah. Usually its like these tiny little drops, so its more like a mist. But sometimes its real rain too. Yes we bike in the rain, someone at the MTC said that there is no such thing as bad weather when you are a missionary!

Yes I get Micail and Amelias emails. We just have a cell phone, no Ipad or other gadgets. My mission president is just the most wonderful man alive. I love him and sister Rasmussen so much! To describe them I would say they are the epidomy of happy, calm love. My district leader is Ito Choro and he is so genki! My favorite day of the week is Wednesday, when I get a letter from my MOM!!! And Sunday, when I get to take the Sacrament. And P-day of course! We live in an apartment. 
Last night we got a call from President Rasmussen. Its the end of my first transfer (6 weeks) in Japan, whoa, can you believe that? Anyways, he called and said that my companion Kubota Shimai is the new sister training leader and that Sakuma Shimai is getting a new companion, so we won:t be a threesome anymore.
This week we had 3 earthquakes. I don:t think I:ve really felt a real earthquake before coming here. The first one was during companion study one morning, first we heard it and then felt it. The second and third ones were during the night. I only felt the 1st one during the night and slept through the second one. You just kind of feel like you are on a tube floatin down some little rapids, really. So, so far, nothing too crazy, so don:t worry!
The missionary work, is a little slow going, as far as teaching goes. We have 5 investigators, but only we are really only able to meet with 2 of them right now. We also visit members and less actives, old investigators, and go tracting, and invite people to English class. 

In hyde park we have the blessing that literally most of our neighbors are our ward family, but here in Japan, its not really like that. Our ward is so spread out. Us missionaries will bike for a good long while just to go visit a few people. But thats why we:re here. I really think Heavenly Father, through my companions and through calling me to Japan, is trying to teach me to care about "the one."

I:m so happy you are getting all better from your surgery and back injury. How is that all going? I:ve been praying for you!
I love you Mom! Keep trusting in Heavenly Father. 

Thank you for telling me the little details about Bella and Jan and picking apples and our wonderful life! When you said that Jan had a refinished lamp from Donna Lou, it just made me smile and my soul was so happy about that! I love our little Mayberry town. I miss it, sometimes being in the city, with all the lights and cars and smells, really makes you love the open fields and country air from home. Soak it all in. And I will try to soak all of this in too. 

How exciting for Nickol to be expecting again! Does aunt Tonya know if she is having a boy or a girl yet? How is Drew and Savannah:s new baby? 

Thank you for the pressed flowers from home, and for your simple, beautiful advice at the end of your letter. I loved it so much and it made me cry!
I love you! Be brave.
Love your Kingu Shimai

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