Sunday, November 10, 2013

A happy, good life is a choice everyday

Beautiful Japan!

Ohayo Gozaimasu! Hello dear family!
This week went by so fast. Now that Kubota Shimai is the Sister Training Leader, we are having meetings and going on splits and vroom the time is flying! This week we were on our way on the subway to Nagamachi for a meeting/split. I finally mustered up the courage to try talking to the man sitting next to me on the subway. I turned to him and said "I am learning Japanese. May we talk?" He just waved his hand at me and turned back to  what he was doing. Haha sometimes we give things a shot and it doesn`t always work out.
The next day in Nagamachi, I was working with Kanno Shimai, while my companion was at a meeting. We decided to do some streeting. She is Nihonjin, but has been on her mission shorter than I we are both pretty new at this. We stopped a man walking down the street and started talking to him. We introduced him to the Book of Mormon and he just stood there listening to us for real! I had him read part of the introduction and told him that its another testament of Jesus Christ. I showed him the picture in the front of Christ appearing to the people in America. He seemed to understand my Japanese was such a neat experience!
Guess what I ate this week? COW TONGUE. Yep. I loved it. For real. It was SO good!
Mom its so fun to read your long, newsy letters from home. Thanks for telling me about sharing your testimony in church and going on a split with Sister Morillo! You are so good at being a missionary.
How are things at work? Are you and the new AA good friends?
The Iwasa family. They had us over for lunch. They are SO nice
How is the sprinkler system coming? I bet its probably all installed by now. How nice! No more hoses! People in Japan don:t really have grass or yards. The houses are so close together and they just have lots of flowers and plants in pots for their yards instead. Its different, but its beautiful!
Has Monique had her baby then? What is her name?
I would like to tell Nate Henshaw hello! Hello my dear cousin! I hope you are having good times at school! I miss you!
Jayme Hansen, my dearest friend! I got your letter this week in the mail...and it was just the best thing ever! Thank you so much! I loved your pictures you sent, and I put them in my photo album! Your beautiful curly hair is so lovely! And the best part is always your smile! I love you so much!
This week I saw a guy wearing a tshirt that said..."Make Good." And I loved that little quote. Make Good wherever we go. Make good whatever situation we are in. Make good thoughts and feelings and memories. Make good moments. Make Lift where you are standing. Bloom where you are planted. Right Grandma Kerr? 
Here is something I have been thinking about lately. In Dr. Seuss book Oh the Places youll Go, it talks about the "waiting place". And how some people are waiting for a boat to come, or the rain to rain...but the waiting place is not for you! You:re off to great places, you:re off and away! Sometimes in life I feel like I:m in the waiting place, waiting for when I will be happy.

But this is the thought I:ve been thinking...A happy, good life is a choice everyday. A good life is made up of good days...and a good day is made up of good moments...and a good moment is full of goodness...and goodness, comes from God. "Wherefore, all things which are good cometh of God..." Our God is complete and true goodness in every way imaginable. He is everything good. He want us to be good and make good. And because He is perfect goodness, He will help us to have good moments, and good days and a good life! And the whole point of everything is to make good for other people. So lets make good.

I love you so much! Give Bella and Jan and Chels and hug from me!

Love Kingu Shimai

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