Monday, October 7, 2013

Dearest family!

There is a quote that I like that goes like this: "Sometimes you have to go away, to see where you have been." That, folks, is true.  I had no idea how much you mean to me until being here.  I'm so happy we are a family and that we don't have to worry, because its just going to keep getting better and better and more beautiful!  Think about when we're all in Heaven and we'll be like, "We made it!  We did the Earth thing!" and then we'll eat some shepherds pie and throw confetti and smack the confetti onto our foreheads!

The other day, me and Kubota Shimai were riding our bikes somewhere and we were stopped at an intersection waiting to cross.  A big bus turned the corner where we were waiting and this random girl on the bus just waved and waved and smiled when she saw me.  It looked like she maybe had some sort of disability.  But it was a sweet little tender mercy to have that cheery, funny moment together!

Mama, can you send (email me Brother Chase-Dunn's home address? Brother Browne in my ward used to live in Hyde Park and Brother Chase-Dunn was his scoutmaster...small world! and Bro. Browne wants to write to him.

Having the last name King" gets just as many comments in Japan as it does in Utah.  Like, "oh you're not a're a queen!" Same-O.

How is little Bella!  Chels, your video of her standing didn't work (frowny face) but the pictures did!  I hope you tell her every day that Aunt Court loves her!  I love you Bellamy!  My companion, Kubota Shimai, speaks pretty good English, thank heavens!

I love you forever!  I always will!

Love Kingu Shimai

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