Monday, October 21, 2013

Becoming quite a lady

Hello my family! I want you to know I LOVE you! 

Chels I got your package this week! What a joy! The Halloween candy didn:t even last a week. Thank you! Mom I love your hand written letters! Thank you thank you for taking the time to write me real mail! Its the best! Janni I love you! 

There is a little baby in our ward who is just about a week older than little Bella! He:s such a chunk and so cute! Can Bella roll over yet? Is she still so scrunchy?!

Mom this week I was thinking about you not being relief society president anymore. I want you to know how grateful I am for your example of that service you gave. You really gave of yourself. I remember watching you when we went and visited one of the sisters in our ward and just watching you talk with her and be so caring and such a good friend to her. I loved watching my mom be such a fabulous lady! I love you so much!
This week I went to my first imonikai which is like a soup party up in the mountains! It was so good to leave the city and go to the open space and smell campfires! Its a traditional thing they do in Japan when the season changes. You play games and talk and eat some soup!
My sweet companion Sakuma Shimai is really helping me become quite a lady. She is teaching me to not pop my knuckles, to stop chewing on my pen, to not cross my legs (its bad manners in Japan). We practiced what to say when you enter a house and when you leave, and other polite, important things to say to really become a Nihonjin!
Mom, I have a check from Grandpa and Grandma King that they sent me in the MTC for my birthday. What should I do with it?
Mom you had some questions in your letter, so here you go;
My favorite talks from conference...All of them! Yes we got to listen with headphones in English.
My bike is used, but its a really good bike and it even has a basket!
Yes I am eating enough! I:m also gaining muscle from riding my bike. Japan is sooo hilly. to go now! I will tell you more about the missionary work next week!
I love you so so much!
Love Kingu Shimai

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