Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my Family!! I love you so!

- Last Monday me and Kanno Shimai were doing some housing, but without too much success. We still had about a half an hour before going back to the apartment, so we decided to go walk and do some streeting.We started walking and stopping and talking with people. We met one high school boy who was really nice and had some interest. We talked to quite a few people as we walked down the street. It was amazing and sad to me, as my companion would ask them if they knew about Jesus Christ, how many of them had maybe only ever heard of Him, but really have no idea who He is to them. 
As we walked back to our apartment, I turned to Kanno Shimai and said how streeting is kinda scary at first, but then once we do it, it always turns out to be some of my favorite dendo and I feel so happy afterwards! 
Its funny how sometimes the scary or hard things in life, turn into the blessings and experiences we are so grateful for. 

- We went and volunteered at the old folks home where we volunteer every week. I had one of those good ole sweet life moments, as I looked around the room at all the sweet grandmas sitting in a circle playing "keep the balloon up in the air" game and beautiful Christmas snow falling outside the big windows. It was a good time!

- Our ward had its Christmas party this week and it was awesome! The primary and youth did the Nativity play. Our investigator Saaya san came too! 

- On Sunday President Smith and Sister Smith came and did a surprise visit to Izumi ward! During Sunday School time we got to watch the Christmas Devotional! I kept tearing up all throughout the devotional. I felt the Spirit and just love Christmas so much. Plus, there was a little newborn baby in the english room where we were watching the devotional, and even though us missionaries couldn:t hold her, just having a brand new baby in there with us as so many of the speakers in the devotional were talking about how Jesus Christ came to earth as a baby, just kept bringing tears to my eyes. I especially loved one moment as the Tabernacle Choir was finishing singing one of their beautiful Christmas hymns and hearing the little baby starting to softy cry in the background. Because that moment seemed so real, like what it was like on the first Christmas. Thank heaven for little babies. 

Merry Christmas Family! I love you more and more and more! 
See you soon!
LOVE, King Shimai

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