Thursday, December 18, 2014


Dear Mama, 
Happy Birthday this week! The Big FIVE ZERO! Woohoo! 
I love you Mom! OH SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Thank you for being my MOM!

-This week we met with our investigator Obara san twice. She is doing great. One of our lessons this week was so fun. Fun cause the Spirit was there and we were bold! It feels so good to be bold! Something I learned recently is that "The Lord tells us to be bold but not overbearing. Being overbearing is showing boldness without love. When people know and feel your love, you can never be too bold!" 

At that lesson I finally felt like we had a solid relationship of trust and love, so there was a really good feeling in the room, and we were able to answer her questions straight, without having to kinda "cushion" the answer to her questions, if that makes sense. At our next lesson towards the end, we had planned on inviting her to come to church. I almost whimped out, but then I was like, "NO!" "I:m going to invite her to come to church!" So I did it! And even though she said she wasn:t quite ready to come, that she needs a little more time, I felt peace, cause I invited her! 

Pretty much from the first of my mission i:ve been learning to text in Japanese! 

- Being squished onto the subway, literally SO many people jammed in there, and just looking around and thinking "I wonder if Dad ever had any moments like this!"

- Doing jumping jacks to stay warm while we were out dendoing on Saturday night! 

-This week we had our Christmas Zone Conference, and I got all of your lovely letters, and that was the part that I was looking forward to the most! Thank you so much!

-On Saturday, me and Kanno Shimai decided to do some Christmas cheer dendo! So we made snickerdoodle cookies and then biked out to Timbuktwo and delivered them to some members and less active members. After we visited one less active sister, we walked back to our bikes in front of her house, and realized that Kanno Shimai:s bike lock was jammed and we couldn:t get the bike key in to unlock it. 

All bundled up! Winter came this week! BRRRRRRRRRRRRR! :)
-It was super duper cold outside and we were about an hour bike ride away from our apartment and it was dark. We decided to pray. So we said a little prayer to our Heavenly Father. And, without fail, our prayer was answered. After we prayed, we kept trying to push the key into the lock, and then suddenly even without changing anything, it just finally went in. Like Grandma Kerr once told me and Katie, "Miracles. Those are called angels." :)

-Visiting members in Japan is so great and a little funny. I realized as we were going around delivering cookies to the members, that we were almost always given a little goodie in return. We came back with hi-chews, senbei, kit-kats, and tomato juice. It kind of feels like Trick-or-treating! But really, the members are so nice and take good care of us missionaries. I guess its Japanese culture to give something to someone if they come to your house. 

Well, today is the first day of my last transfer. I:ve got 7 more weeks to love my Japan! 7 beautiful weeks to serve my dear Savior. Its going to be glorious! 

LOVE King Shimai

Also I got a couple of Roots Tech emails! Like that you signed me up to go! It looks amazing!! I really really want to go! 

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