Monday, October 6, 2014

Things are good here in Akita!

My dear Family, 

Things are good here in Akita! I love Akita so much! I love our little branch here so much. Things are going good with my new companion Lesuma Shimai. She is in her last transfer so she has just 4 more weeks to go. 

Found on Facebook...a post from another mission-mom.  Court wrote about being Princess Peach in a Mario skit in her last letter.  The missionaries put this together for a ward talent show.
This week I had a good "simple" moment when the 4 of us sister missionaries were riding our bikes back to our apartment one night after being at a members apartment for dinner, and it was raining a bit and all the beautiful city lights on one side of the street and the lily pond on the other side of the street, and me and Mataoa Shimai were riding our bikes together and just laughing and talking. I just soaked in the moment that I:m a missionary and I:m in Japan! 

On Saturday we biked up to try and visit a less active sister. She was home, so we were able to meet her! She invited us in and we were able to sit down and talk to her for awhile. Its so sad because she was an active member for 20 years, but is now inactive. We were able to hear about her conversion story though and invited her to watch General Conference and to church. 

Here are things about my week in tid-bit form:
-eating Mac-n-Cheese!
-it literally took all 4 of us sister missionaries to change a light bulb in our apartment :)
-Investigator:s little boy wetting his pants in the corner of the Relief Society room and throwing shoes at me and hitting his sister....he:s 3 years old. 
-beautiful Christmas lights on the bridge
-understood most of Gospel Principles class on Sunday!!
-played piano for YW singing in Sacrament meeting
-dinner at Tongan family:s house and the mom telling me that I will gain 10 kilos this transfer
-laying on my futon and watching the rain falling outside
-getting sick - sore throat
-mayonnaise in the hair lice treatment (don:t worry, not me)
-Heavenly Father giving me little blessing like blessing the wind to stop blowing and it to not be so cold when we were riding our bikes home one night and I didn:t have a jacket. 

Right now our apartment is soo fun because I:m with Lesuma Shimai (from Hawaii, but she is 1/2 Fijiian), Mataoa Shimai (from Tahiti) and Tuikolovatu Shimai (from California, but she is 1/2 Tongan)...So its basically one big Polynesian party everyday! Its so fun!  There are 2 Tongan families in our branch here in Akita, so now that I:m companions with Lesuma Shimai, I get to be on the "in" and we do lots of stuff with them! 

We will watch General Conference this coming weekend! I'm so excited!!! 

I loved something that my last companion Carlson Shimai said last week. I was asking her the question "What difference she wants others to notice in her after her mission?" She simply said "When people look at me, I want them to know how much I love God." I loved that!

I love you my family!
Love Kingu Shimai

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