Sunday, October 26, 2014


Dearest Family!

Mama, you asked about what I eat everyday...Here:s the stuff I eat: water, ice cream, cereal, eggs, ham, bread, avacado, pasta and sauce, pancakes, curry and rice, meat with veggies, ice cream, soup, cheese toast, tuna sandwiches, taco rice, corndogs, ice cream, and sometimes Japanese food too! 

Japanese Food!!!!!!!!!! This is called udon, which is the soup, and the crispy chicken thing is called karage! YUM!

The weeks seem to be going faster and faster. This week we had fun practicing a song in Tongan to perform in Sacrament meeting yesterday. (Mom, I think if you add Liolita Takapu on Facebook you can see it). I also got to play the organ in Sacrament meeting and play the piano for the Primary as they started practicing for their upcoming Primary program. Our Primary here is 5 kids! Whoohoo! One of the little Tongan boys, who I absolutely love, calls the Holy Ghost, the "Holy Ghoster." Haha so cute!
Tennis with Heu Shimai (one of the sisters from Tonga in our branch)! It was so much fun!

This week me and Lesuma Shimai went and visited a referral from another missionary. The lady we visited owns a wig shop! So we went and visited her there. Cool...but kinda creepy. She was super nice though and said we could come back and visit again.
The sunrise at 6:30 one morning this week when I woke up! So pretty!

I got to have an interview with President Smith this week. We talked about charity and my favorite part was as he said the closing prayer. He prayed to Heavenly Father to bless me and to bless those who are praying for me. It was such a sweet moment and I felt so grateful for my beautiful, very blessed life.
Sunny Sunday afternoon in Akita! 

I:ve been thinking about what it means to take upon ourselves the name of Christ. Just like when I was born, I took on my parents name "King" - I am their literal flesh and blood. Their name is my name. They love me and I love them. What I do and who I become is a reflection of their name. I never want to dishonor or be untrue to my family name.

Likewise...When I was baptized, I took on my Savior:s name, "Jesus Christ" - "...because of the covenant which ye have made ye shall be called the children of Christ, His sons, and His daughters; for behold this day He hath spiritually begotten you..." (Mosiah 5) His name is my name. He loves me and I love Him. What I do and who I become is a reflection of His name. I never want to dishonor or be untrue to His name. 

I am grateful that everyday I get to literally wear my Savior:s name over my beating heart! Oh how I love Him. 
I love you my family!
Love Kingu Shimai

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