Monday, July 14, 2014

Shepherds Pie!

Dear Mama, Chels, and Jan! I love you. Oh I LOVE you. I don:t know if I can ever tell you enough, or ever thank my Heavenly Father enough for sending me to our family! Really, really. I am so grateful right now to be loved. I have been reminded this week, that not everyone gets to come to a safe, loving family, and so this week I have really been so grateful. Oh Hallelujah! I love you and I know 100% that I can trust in your love! What an absolutely glorious thing. 

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk and the thought suddenly hit me, it was like an "oh ya" moment, where I remembered that Jesus Christ LOVES me. He actually, truly, right now, loves me. It was so sweet and good to remember that. Cause sometimes I think we forget. Christ loves our family. He literally loves us. 

This week I made SHEPHERDS PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! It was the best! I want to make it every single day now! 

This week I got my new companion! She has been out 6 months, and this was her first time to transfer. She really likes Morioka so far I think. Her name is Isogai Shimai and she is very nice! She is basically like a famous runner! Well, I don:t really know if she is famous, but probably! She was on a running team, and 4 of her teammates went to the Olympics! So ya...she:s really good! She ran 2 miles in 9 minutes and 45 seconds (I think) and 3 miles in 16 minutes! So cool! We mostly speak Japanese together, but she knows some English which helps. 

We taught a few lessons this week to 2 of our investigators, Miyuki san and Serika san. And also started teaching our recent converts Mai and Rio Shimai about the Temple, because they will go in August to do baptisms for the dead! We also went finding out in the country, with lots of rice paddys. We knocked on a few doors and were able to talk to a few people! 

Sorry this is a little short today, but I will send a picture! 
I love you so much family! 
Love Kingu Shimai

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