Monday, July 14, 2014

Portions of a handwritten letter from Courtney to her mom

Here are a couple of really good moments from my week:

Singing the closing hymn “God Be with You Till We Meet Again” with everyone at the end of Pres and Sis. Rasmussen’s last talk/meeting here in Morioka.  They go home in just a few days.  That was such a good mission-y moment.  Just looking up at this President and Sister Rasmussen who have loved me so much and who I love so much and singing the hymn.  Then later, standing outside and waving goodbye as they left.  Pres. Rasmussen rolled his window down and said, “Hoorah for Israel!”

On Saturday I walked into the chapel before the Saturday sessions of the Morioka District Conference.  Sister Rasmussen was standing in there and next to her was a lady I’d never seen before.  They were talking but as soon as I walked in I went over and greeted them.  The lady standing next to Rasmussen Shimai is a member in a different area, but was there for the District Conference.  She is from Indonesia!  

I didn’t know any of that though, ‘cause I’d never met or seen here before.  But it was so funny and amazing meeting her though.  She was a complete stranger, but the second we met…literally the second we met, she made me feel like we were dear friends being reunited after a long time!  It’s hard to explain it!  But she was so excited and loved me so much right from the get-go!  It was so sweet to feel that much love from my Indonesian sister, who I’d never met before!  

We took a picture together, so I’ll send that to you!  The cool thing is it wasn’t even weird.  It didn’t matter to her that I was a stranger, that I was a lot younger than her, that I am from a different country…none of that mattered!  It’s always good to love people, no matter what.  

Something that I like thinking about and that I want to do is this:  Treat everyone like it’s their birthday!  Make ‘em feel like a million bucks and tell them how much they are loved!

I want to be really kinder to everyone!  I want to be able to show love more freely.  Being kind and real love is the most powerful thing in the world- and it’s the only thing that really matters.  Everyone needs to be loved and feel more mercy.  

This morning I read in Moroni 7 about charity.  In verse 45 it talks about how charity is being kind, not envying, not being prideful- which I love that description and when I think of charity that’s usually the kind of things I associate with charity.  But later in the verse, something new stood out to me- “Charity…believeth all things…”  I’ve never really thought of being believing as having charity!  But isn’t that cool? It makes sense though.  

When we really, really believe in Christ,
·         believe we are loved,
·         believe in goodness,
·         believe that life is beautiful,
·         believe we can love others- even if we are different ages, from different countries, speaking different languages.

when we cultivate believing,
·         we can love Christ because we believe Him,
·         we can receive being loved because we believe we’re worth it,
·         we can love the goodness in the world and in people because we believe in it,
·         we can love this beautiful life, and we can love others! 

When we believe all things, we can have charity!
I love you Mama!  I will try and be kind and love!  Thank you for always loving me!
You are Loved.
Love Courtney Elise

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