Monday, February 24, 2014

Pretending to know what is going on

My view from our apartment. Pretty sunset! 

Eating a yummy snack...a whole dried fish...head and everything...nice and crunchy!

Dear Family, 

Something lovely that I never experienced until coming to Japan, is heated toilet seats. It is a such a nice thing. Do we have these in America!? 

Also, another little quaint thing about Japan is the garbage trucks. They play music as they drive around and pick up the city's trash!

Well this week we were teaching our investigator Eto san. We were showing her our family pictures and here is the latest update of what people think of our family:
-Mom: looks like a movie star. 
-Chelsea: looks Russian...........what? 

And then earlier this week I said Konnichiwa to a group of teenage school boys and one of them said: Anata wa halfu desu ka? ...Asking me if I was half Japanese!? Ha ha so there we have it....Mom is a movie star, Chels is Russian, and I'm now half Japanese...And Jan, you are wonderful! Our family is so cool! 

This Saturday is our Zone Conference. Its a big deal this time because  Elder Aoyagi from the Asia North Area Presidency is coming to speak to us! Then a couple of days ago I got a call from one of our zone leaders saying that I was chosen and seven other missionaries too to have a personal one-on-one interview with Elder Aoyagi in the morning before zone conference. I cried a little bit about that, actually. But I am excited too and George Shimai says he is so nice! 

Me and George Shimai have been getting along really good the last couple of weeks. We finally have become friends and its been a lot more fun! 

Here is a little part from my journal this week: 3 hour lunch appointment with Takahashi Fumiko and her friend Kato san. Kato san fed us way Japanesy food...I was able to get it down ok, but just couldn't do the seaweed rolls! We came back to the apartment - exhausted from 3 hours of pretending to like the food and pretending to know what was going on..."

My meal this week at Kato sans house! 
Other things about my life this week: 
- I have been a little sick again, just with stuffy sinuses and pluggy ears and body aches. But I'm feeling better today. 

- Our investigator telling us about evil spirits in her house, and so we are planning on having her house be blessed. 

Jan and Chels, thanks for your fun emails! Sorry I don't have time to write you each back, but know how much  I LOVE YOU! 

There's the report for the week from Japan! 
I love you! 
Love Kingu Shimai

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