Sunday, February 9, 2014

Keep Trusting

Dear dearest family of mine! I love you from the bottom of my heart!

This week I had 2 beautiful moments. The first one was on Friday night, when me and George Shimai were working on weekly planning. We were discussing one of our investigators who is not progressing, and we just can't seem to reach her heart. I sat there and gave the idea that maybe we could teach her about Jesus Christ again, about His power to cleanse us and having faith in Him. 

I said to George Shimai something like, we can't reach her, but maybe He can. And when I said that, I got tears in my eyes and felt something. That something I felt was so real, I think its the feeling of believing and trusting in something and Someone bigger than yourself. A feeling of His love and His power. Sometimes I feel a little far from Christ and I don't quite understand how to come closer. But its simple moments like this one for me this week that connect with my soul and reassure me. He is real. Keep trusting. 

The next beautiful moment, was with our investigator Tess san. We went to her house with our Relief Society president for a lesson. She lives really close to our apartment which is fun and she gave us churros and hot chocolate. She is so amazing and she really desires to have God in her life. She wants to get baptized, but she works every Sunday but recently talked to her boss and is able to come once a month to church. We cleared it with President Rasmussen and he said she can get baptized! We set a baptismal date with her! She went to her calendar and marked the day and was so excited! She said how she has been to other churches, but now she thinks she has found the truth. She looked up heavenward and simply said, "Thank God." And it was so sincere and heartfelt. We both had tears in our eyes, and it was a very good moment. 

She came to church for her first time yesterday and everything went well!

We have been so blessed lately with lots of investigators and opportunities to teach! On Saturday night we taught the Sato family again! We had dinner with them, which was way authentic Japanese food. We had build your own sushi and this green slimy stuff from the ocean in was..........good.

Mama, thank you so much for your letters! I am really grateful for how much trust we have and that we can share how our hearts are doing. I liked the part where you shared about Dave's testimony, and how he said that he has the gift to believe. I liked that, because I think that is one of my gifts too. As I read what he'd said, I felt the exact same way....I've just always believed. 

Chels, I loved, really really loved how you said that with Micail coming home this week, it is like a part of Court is coming home. Bingo. So true. Me and Micail are soul sisters and it means a lot to me that you would feel that way about Micail! I hope you all see her soon and give her the world's biggest hug!

Jan, the picture of you and Mama shopping for wedding dresses is so beautiful! I am so happy my Mama and sisters are happy. I'm grateful you and Chels are helping Mama and being supportive. This would be really hard if we were becoming divided, so I am so grateful that our family is coming closer! I do wish I could be there, but this is where Heavenly Father called me to be right now. Keep trusting. 

I love you!
Love Kingu Shimai

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