Sunday, February 2, 2014

Photos and update

Me and a big snowy statue! This was back around Christmas.

Me doing the weekly phone call with our district leader. Just sittin on my futon. You can see me with my scarf and pajama pants on, keeping warm! 

At our church with some members

Oh Mamanoff you are beautiful! Absolutely stunning! For real! Your smile and your countenance are glowing! And I love your new hair cut. I got your letter telling me about Sister Fotheringhams haircut gift to you. When I show people our family picture, you get a lot of comments about how young you look! I love the picture of you and Dave at sunset. Its beautiful! 

How is work? Have they found someone to replace you yet? I am so so so happy that you get to be my mamanoff at home again! I loved it when you said that in one of your letters, that you get to be home and that you will always be there for me...I know you always have been there for me even through these years when you've worked...but this is just 1000x better! I am so happy for you Mama! I love that you get to be home again! 

My email time is almost through, I haven't really written a big newsy email. Sorry. I've been emailing Jan and Chels and Katie, and one of my MTC teachers ...don't worry, he's married ...But I am so happy to talk to my Mom in almost real time! It brings me a lot of comfort just to know you are there, and that we are talking. 

Here is a fast little update for the week...
We are being so blessed recently! Me and George Shimai currently have 8 investigators! Not all of them are really strong investigators, but one of them Tess san is doing well! 
She is the one that is trying to quit smoking. She is down to just 2 cigarettes a day! She is coming to church for the very first time next Sunday! We are super excited!

Last Monday we also taught a FAMILY! It didn't really hit me until afterwards, why our lesson seemed so different...and then it hit me...we taught a family! Like a dad, and a mom, and their daughters! It was wonderful! I loved it!

We went on a split to Aizuwakamatsu this week. I worked with Gass Shimai, but I also got to see Robertson dear MTC friend from Idaho! I love her so much and we had so much fun talking and catching up!

How is your heart today? My heart is feeling good right now. This morning I had a really good personal study time. Remember my New Years resolution to read my call letter, Patriarchal blessing, and Dad:s letter to me every month? Now that its February, I read them all again this morning. I love it so much! I think it is amazing how my patriarchal blessing and Dad:s letter to me have a lot in common. My Heavenly Father and my heavenly father, both know me and love me so much. They are so good to me. This morning I cried a little, thinking about Dad. But it felt good, and was a sacred special moment for me. 

I'm sad to hear you were so sick. Are you better now? How is little Bella doing? Chels said shes been sick too. I:ve gotten a couple colds on the mission, but nothing to serious. I think my watery, stinky ear is coming back though.

Thanks for sending pictures of home and dads memory box the other week! I also want to see more pictures of you! And more pictures of Dave too. 

You said in one of your letter to let you know if I wanted more music like The Trek...YES! I would love more music. You can just send it via CD, because we have cd players here.
There is the little update. Not much snow here. Its been warm enough to rain lately. 
I love you I love you I LOVE YOU!!!
Love Kingu Shimai

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