Saturday, January 4, 2014

Purely loved

Hi Mama!
I love you with all of my heart! Thank you for loving me so much. After we talked on Christmas, what I felt was a feeling of being purely loved. I didn't want it to end and I have been praying that I can remember and feel that love still.

I hear you are in North Carolina! Is it warmer there right now? I though Dave lived in Missouri? Be safe. 

The rest of my week has been pretty good. Things are going pretty well with my companion. I am noticing that I wake up feeling more peaceful and not so anxious.

I haven't had the opportunity to teach any of our 3 investigators yet, but I have met them all at least once when we have taken them Christmas presents.  Its been snowing more in Yamagata and it is beautiful! I didn:t realize how much I love winter...but I think I love it! I love the snow and the quiet serenity of winter. Last night as we were riding our bikes home after unsuccessfully trying to find a less active members house, we saw these beautiful white birds flying in the night sky. It was a good moment. It was simple, but its usually noticing the simple things right now that bring me happiness, like watching a mom and her little boy take a moment to stomp on some ice in their boots the other morning.

I love you Mama. Keep praying for me. "The prayers of the righteous availeth much good."
Love Sister King

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