Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year 2014

Dear Mama, 

Thank you for writing little emails to me and sending me pictures! I love that! I also love hearing about the sister missionaries, your primary class and the funny things they all say. What sweeties. And of course, most of all I love hearing about how you heart is doing!

Thanks for sending a picture of you new beautiful ring. I have been thinking and wondering about that this week. Did you get it when you went to North Carolina? I'm excited to hear how everything went and also about your missionary experiences. 

Is it okay if I tell Micail you are getting married? 

This week was a little different because it was New Years, and dendoing is a little hard. So on New Years Eve it was a big cleaning day, where all the missionaries deep clean their apartments all day! It was fun to just listen to music and organize and clean stuff! It was funny though, because I still went to bed at 10:30, but earlier in the day I had messed with my alarm, checking some old batteries to see if they worked, so I forgot to reset my alarm, so it automatically went off at midnight. I was still half asleep and SO confused, and it kept going off and I kept hitting the snooze button. Finally I woke up enough to figure out what was going on. So I guess I got to be up at midnight at celebrate the new year! 

Then on New Years day we all went to a shrine with a bunch of members in our ward! New Years is a bigger holiday in Japan than Christmas...and eveyone in Japan goes to shrines on the New Year. it was a rainy day, so everyone was lined up under their umbrellas. You wait in line and when its your turn up at the shrine you toss some money into this big bin and people pray and clap their hands together. And then you buy your fortune for the year. It was all really interesting and fun! 

On thursday we had 3 meal appointments. I repeat. THREE MEAL APPOINTMENTS. Whoa Nelly. All we did on Thursday was eat. Literally. The members are so nice and feed us so much...too much. 

One of our investigators came to church yesterday! And we have an appointment to teach her later this week! 

Its time for me to go now, sorry, we don't have as much time to email today, because we are having a district p-day and going to see these really cool trees all covered in snow today! 

I want to tell you what my New Years resolutions are: To have a gratitude prayer everyday, in addition to my morning and evening prayers. To read my Patriarchal blessing, mission call letter, and letter from dad every month, and to enjoy the beauties of nature. 

I love you with my whole heart Mama! Your love for me is real and your faith is true, and for that I am perfectly grateful.
Love Kingu Shimai

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