Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2 Weeks!

Editor's note: This is a bonus letter we got in the mail from Courtney.  The first part is an adaptation of a conversation caught on video when Janessa and Court were preschoolers.  The original conversation was about Halloween.  She quotes the video perfectly...only inserting the word Japan for the word Halloween.


Mom: "What are you all dressed up for?"

Jan & Court: "For going to Japan!"

Mom:  "When are you going to Japan?"

Jan: "In 5 days."

Court: "In 2 weeks!"

Mom; "Oh!..."

Jan: "5,4,3,2,1...Japan!"

Court: "In 2 weeks!"

I will literally be in Japan in  
I am so excited!! I love you all SO much!  Guess what I'm eating for diner tonight?  salmon and quinoa!  Yum, huh?

This week has been like the "witness after the trial of my faith."  It has been so good.  Things are going a lot better with my companion.  In Japanese the way to say "tender mercy" is awaremi no ai" which means "mercy's love."  Isn't that beautiful?  Well I want you to know that our Heavenly Father is full of awaremi no ai, and I am so thankful to Him for that.

Kamisama ga watashi no inori o kotaeru to shitte imasu! I LOVE YOU FOREVER!

Love King Shimai

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