Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pre Mission Photos

Earning $$: Early morning newspaper route, cashier at Lee's Market place; house cleaning & companion for older woman; donating plasma.

Last Day of paper route!  Items being organized for mission in background
Studying Preach My Gospel at Manti Inn

Kerr cousins at mission farewell.

King relatives at mission farewell.

Katie, Jamie, Courtney

Court's farewell gathering included a nice lunch ...thanks to everyone! Later, those gathered shared The First Vision in the language of their mission.  We heard Norwegian, French, Spanish, Italian, a little Fijian, Korean, and German.   Court gave us one sentence in Japanese.  We also played "reverse charades" and "what if."  The day was topped off with several friends and family taking a turn on the piano or singing. 
This lovely quartet did a couple of impromptu vocal renditions:  Sisters and The Three Bears

Zachary and Bellamy

 7/16/13: Courtney noting the blessing given to her by Pres. Durrant, as well as everyone's last minute advice. On the drive home she yelled,  "I am a MISSIONARY!"

Date of Departure 7/17/13: Saying good-bye to her pet salamander, Hedith.

Katie made this beautiful dress for Court's mission.  Thanks Kate!

Courtney and Bellamy

Last meal...Cafe Zuppas.

Sisters: Janessa, Courtney, Chelsea

The drop-off team: Cade, Katie, Janessa, Chelsea, Courtney, Bellamy, Cami

Good-bye for now sweet Courtney!

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