Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hello from the MTC! Whoa

July 17, 2013

Dear Family,

Hello from the MTC!  Whoa.  Talk about an overwhelming day!  It's been exciting & good though.  It's about 10:00 pm on my 1st day at the MTC.  We've just been getting settled in, unpacked and ready for bed.

Here is the most amazing news of companion, Mataoa Shimai, is from TAHITI!!! Isn't that amazing!?  Definitely not a coincidence.  She is lovely.  She speaks some Korean, Japanese, a little Tahitian, her native language is French, and she speaks broken English.  She gave us lovely shell necklaces from Tahiti!  I've go to go get ready for bed now, so goodnight and I love you all so much.

Love, King Shimai

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