Monday, August 4, 2014

Festival! I LOVE JAPAN!

My dear dear Family who I LOVE SOOOOOOOOOO much!!!! 

Right now in Morioka there is the biggest festival going on! Its called Sansa. We went a couple of nights ago and watched it, and its basically thousands of people in the streets of Japan in summer kimonos and there is a huge parade with dancers and drummers and flute players! I love Japan! Its so Japaneeeesy! I LOVE JAPAN.  The other day I read my letter from Daddy, and after I read it and felt so loved by my Dad, I just felt so strongly that I wouldn:t trade my mission call to Japan for anything. This is my call to serve in Japan, just like Dad. There is so much happiness and calmness in trusting Heavenly Father and feeling that - YES! This is where I am suppossed to be. I love Japan. 

This week we went and helped a man who the elders are teaching/serving, to clean his house. His house is really old and really messy. A bunch of us went and helped to clean it up a bit more, though it still has a long way to go. I worked on dusting his piano and lining up the clocks on top of it all straight and nice, so it felt more homey in there. Then on Sunday he, Yamamoto san, came to church for his very first time. He is half paralyzed on one side of his body, but he rode his bike for  2 and 1/2 hours to come to church. I was seriously so amazed by that, because it was SO hot outside and he is old and paralyzed. But he came! He missed Sacrament meeting, but then he came to our Sunday school class. Me and Isogai shimai taught it this week about the Holy Ghost. 

I also got to play the organ for Sacrament Meeting which was fun! And after church we taught a lesson to Mai Shimai who got baptized last month. We taught her about missionary work, but she was already way on top of it and was telling us about how she wants to share the gospel with her friend, so we gave her a Book of Mormon to give to her friend!! 

We invited our investigator Haruka chan to make a baptismal date this week during our lesson. But she wasn:t quite ready for that. So keep praying for her please! 

Sorry this is kind of short this week! Just know that I am always praying for you and loving you! 

We are going to the FESTIVAL tonight and I:m so EXCITED!!! 


Love Kingu Shimai

 Mamanoff!!!! I love you sooo much! Thank you for sending me pictures of YOU! I always love to see pictures of my family! Your closet is huge! I:m glad I get to be in there with you! I love too that you:re feeding the missionaries again! In my area in Morioka, the members don:t feed us meals really. Well, now I remember, once we went and visited Fujimura Shimai and she fed us a meal that she threw together real quick! That was just a week or two ago, and it was then that I realized that I actually hadn:t had to eat scary Japanese food for quite some time. (Because we don:t really have meal appointments) She didn:t feed us anything scary, but just more Japanesey flavors and stuff, which are somtimes interesting! 

I:m excited that Cade and Katie will get to visit you!! And thank you for making the effort to send me some of Dad:s journal entries. Maybe you can just type them up and send them via email? Cause I can print them here. Also, if there is a way to send me a real life photo of Daddy when he was a missionary in Japan, I would LOVE to have that to hold and to show to people! Maybe since you are in Kansas, you can print one of the pictures that I have on my blog? I don:t know? Don:t stress too much about it though. We can ask Jan or Chels to help since they are close to home. 

I love you!

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