Friday, June 6, 2014


Oh my dear dear family! I am sitting here a little teary after reading through all of your beautiful emails to me. Thank you for them! Thank you for sending me pictures and telling me so many sweet little details of Mama's beautiful day! Some of my favorite parts were you telling me the things people said; Jan telling me about Aunt Kaleen and Uncle Brian remembering Dad; Chelsea telling me Mama's funny quote she said about being in heaven; and Tel telling me about Dave telling Dad thank you during his speech. My heart really is brim with joy!

Me and Japan celebrated big for you Mama and Dave! On the 24th we had Rokonsai. Where thousands and thousands of people came to Yamagata to have a big ole party together! We had a huge celebration with an airplane show and dancers and drummers and a parade! It was also Sakuma Shimai's birthday, so we ate chocolate ice cream in the evening to celebrate. So basically all day we were having fun and celebrating! I wore my coral ribbon and canyon boy dress and for me all day in my heart all of the celebrations around me were to celebrate our family's miracle! 

It was a little weird to go to sleep Saturday night, and then wake up Sunday morning and think...My mom is married now! 

On Saturday I said a little prayer that maybe I could something in the mail from Mama...and guess what? Your photo book came right on the perfect day! Thank you Mama! It was so fun to look through all the pictures and I love seeing the sweet little details of life at home, that make this life so beautiful. I noticed in the pictures of your date night to the trampoline park that Mama and Dave were both wearing blue striped shirts...I don't know if that was on purpose, but my heart is so happy that now my Mama doesn't have to have any more lonely Friday nights, but she can have Dave to match shirts with and have date night! 

Mama, you are beautiful! I wanted to see you so much on Saturday! I love seeing your pictures over the last several months, because I have seen you change. Your countenance is so bright and confident and your beautiful smile is so big and free! Mama, you are free! Free! Thank you Dave, for helping my Mama smile and be free! 

I love you, I love you, I love you! 
Love Kingu Shimai

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