Friday, June 6, 2014

Adventure is out there!

Dear family!

Big news! I am transferring! I am leaving sweet Yamagata where I have served for almost 6 months and heading north to Morioka! My new companion will be another native companion, Morita Shimai! I leave on Wednesday, spend a night at the mission home, and then will head to Morioka on Thursday! Adventure is out there! 

This week we had a lovely Japanesey moment. We have been visiting this less active sister, who is in her seventies. She is way nice and super genki, but she never has time to meet with the missionaries cause she is so busy, and part of that business is that she has to take care of her bonsai trees.   What? Thats the weirdest excuse I:ve ever heard! :)   Then my  companion Nishikawa Shimai had the grandest idea to just turn that right we went and visited again and I told her that I wanted to do bonsai trees to and if we could come help her water them. She loved that idea, and wahlaa...she made an appointment with the missionaries! haha! 
So we went back a couple days later and she was all prepared and we sat in her genkan and she gave both of us our own bonsai tree and we re-potted them and took care of them! It was so fun and we ate lunch together and she opened up to us and started telling us about her family and his history with the missionaries! Its was amazing how when we tried to love her and love what she loves, we were able to meet with her and have a happy wonderful experience together! 

I love you so so much! Buckets full of love! 
Love Kingu Shimai

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