Sunday, April 6, 2014


Dear dear family of mine! Remember how much I really really do love you?I always always am loving you! 

Yesterday, was a beautiful day! Tess Shimai got Baptized! We have seen actual miracles happen. She was absolutely beautiful and bright in her white dress and she was glowing! Looking up at her on the stand during the baptism program I just got tears in my eyes looking at her and thinking about this journey. Tel wrote me an email today and she said how it really is all worth it. And guess what? Its true. All of the hard things, all of the sacrifices. Because now, Tess Shimai is happy, real happiness. I really feel so grateful that I was here at this moment to help Tess Shimai. She was so ready. It seemed like everything we taught her she took with a willing and open heart! I loved watching her baptism. It was so sweet to see her standing in the water. I remember she looked up at me during the prayer and then went down into the water and was baptized. It was simple, but so sweet! 

Our beautiful day with Tess Shimai! 
This week me and George Shimai were doing a mogi lesson with a less active sister in our ward. We were teaching her the Plan of Salvation. George Shimai started talking about how Heavenly Father sent Jesus Christ to earth so that we could overcome sin and death. When she started talking about Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, all of the sudden I started to cry. I felt something so much in my soul. Remember at Christmas how I told you I felt so far from Christ and I wanted and needed Him, but I wasn:t quite sure what to do or how to come closer? Well lately I have really been trying to learn of Him, and think about Him. The other day I said a prayer that I could feel more love for my Savior. I have slowly been growing through simple spiritual moments in my love and testimony of Christ. And then this little moment during the mogi, when my heart suddenly swelled up with feeling for my Savior, Jesus Christ, reassured me, that I am closer than I think. I really felt love for Him. Its simple, but it is real. I love Jesus Christ! My love for Him is growing. And for that, I am so grateful! 

How is Uncle Brian doing? I am praying for him and for Brenden Adams too. 

Sorry this is a little shorter than usual. I was writing an email to my Teltel too. Mom I love you with all my soul! I am grateful. So grateful, that you are my Mom! 

Love Kingu Shimai

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