Monday, April 14, 2014

Cherry blossoms in the spring is a very lovely thing!

Hello my family!

Here is your Japan lesson for the week: Some interesting things...

Seeing people holding hands and kissing in Japan is really rare. A couple of weeks ago we had a man and his wife from America come to Yamagata to visit because he used to be a missionary here. I was sitting next to them at lunch after church and I was thinking how cute and in love they were. They would have they:re arm around each other or just touch each other more and I realized later that its just a different culture. We:re a lot more touchy and lovely dovey in America. Not that they don:t love each other here...its just way rare to see people holding hands or kissing. Like I:ve only seen one kiss so far. Other things I:ve only seen one of is: a trailer driving down the road one time and me and George Shimai were like Whoa! A trailer! And then I:ve only seen one snowmobile and one horse. 

I LOVE sushi!! There is a place here in Yamagata called Sushi Roll and its my favorite place! Its so cute cause you just sit at your little table and there are all these plates of sushi just flyin around the restaurant on convinient belts. You order your sushi on a little ipad thing and then your sushi comes whipping around on the convienient belt. Its fun! 

Dinner at the bishop's house

We visited Tess Shimai last Monday and stood in her genkan and talked for a little while. She told us about a miracle! Her whole family has stopped smoking! She was like "I didn:t even say anything to them but they just quit!" I believe its from her example. What we do really is so powerful! Then she was talking about how we are trying to be diligent missionaries and how she just got baptized and then happily exclaims..."WE ARE AMAZING!" She is so happy and I love her so much! We should all remember that actually, we ARE amazing! Being alive and doing the earth thing and learning and changing and loving is AMAZING! 

Mama, you are so cool! You put my picture I took on the stamp you sent on my last letter! Ya! My mom is cool! I love you! 

Cherry blossoms are just starting to come out this week! So beautiful! This is this morning as we were walking to the church to email you! 
All my love! Have a beautiful day! 
I am starting my 6th transfer today! I will be staying in Yamagata and will be getting a new companion tomorrow! She is Japanese!!! Her name is Nishikawa Shimai! She was in the MTC with me so I kinda know her, but not really. I:m excited for a change, but I love my companion George Shimai and am going to miss her! We really have become good friends! 

Yes Mama I am getting your letters every week. I haven:t missed any for awhile. I am so excited to look forward to Mothers Day coming up and to see my lovely family! When is Mothers Day? Like what Sunday is it? We will probably do the same thing as last time, skyping on YOUR Mothers day. 

I love you with all my soul! 

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