Monday, March 24, 2014

TWO MIRACLES this week!

Dearest Mama,
Heavenly Father is so good to us. Like, SO good to us! 

- This week you finished working! I thought of you on my Saturday and your Friday, and that you were finishing up your LAST day of work, ever. Here is my little journal entry I wrote on my Saturday morning: Today for me is Saturday morning here in Japan, which means it is about 5:30 pm on Friday evening at home. And today my soul is so grateful! Today is the last day that Mama ever has to work at her job! She is going home now. Home. Home. HOME. This morning I prayed and told Heavenly Father I am so grateful for giving our family so much goodness, so many tender mercies. Hallelujah! It is well, it is well, with my soul! 

- We had TWO MIRACLES this week! The first is that we celebrated on Saturday with a Victory Party for our dear Tess shimai! She quit smoking!!!!!!!!!!  She basically had quit before we did the Smoking workshop. (Its a program we got typed up on paper when we came to our missions. It's a 15 step program). 

At our Victory Party for Tess Shimai (on my left in the red shirt) who stopped smoking!!!

- The second miracle is that Tess shimai got April 6th off of work, so she can be BAPTIZED!!! Happy day! All is well! Up until yesterday we weren:t sure what Sunday in April she would have off of work, because she only gets one Sunday off a month. I remember a few months ago, when me and George Shimai were first looking at these hurdles of Tess Shimai working every Sunday, and the fact that she smoked, and feeling a little hopeless. But Heavenly Father has a way of helping things work out. We are in His beautiful hands! 

- So basically I don:t think I could be more excited for the first 2 weeks of April! Tess shimai:s baptism, President and Sister Rasmussen will be coming too! I think that day is Easter? And we will get to watch General Conference the following week on April 12 and 13! And its Spring!
This week we went and did a mogi lesson (like a fake practice lesson) with a member in our ward. She lives in a tiny little apartment, and she talks a lot! I don:t understand her Japanese really. She started singing all these Japanese songs to us and it sounded SO much like I was sitting at a powwow listening to a Native American grandmother singing tribal songs! It was awesome! She also poured us some lukewarm drink out of a thermos. I tried it while she was out of the room. I took a little sip and turned to George Shimai and said that we could NOT drink that. I didn:t know what it was, but I didn:t want to have to drink it! So we secretly poured it back into the thermos. Sometimes you just gotta to what you gotta do. Hopefully I:m not a bad missionary for not eating and drinking all the weird stuff!
The view from my apartment today.
On Thursday here it rained/snowed way hard all day long. We were out and about a lot of the day, riding our bikes to our mogi lesson, to go "heart attack" some members' homes, and to teach Tess shimai about the 10 commandments and the Law of chastity. By the time we made it to Tess shimais house, I was soaked to the skin. I guess waterproof coats can only take so much water. But it felt fun and happy!

This week is Chelsea Lyn:s Happy Birthday!!!!! I love you so much big sister! Here are some of my favorite memories with you Chelsea:
- I remember you came to pick me up at Sky View after a summer morning Cross Country practice. Afterwards, instead of going straight home, you drove us to Lees Marketplace in Smithfield and we bought Coke and donuts. Then we went to Mack park and sat on a bench and had Coke and donuts together for breakfast!
- I remember you would come visit me when I worked at the snow cone shack in front of the mall, when you would go on your break when you worked as a CNA at Legacy house. Pink Champagne and creme soda is our favorite flavor!
- I remember one night, I think I had to go to bed in good time for school the next day or something, but you came down and got in bed with me and we were talking and giggling and Mama came downstairs (not mad, because Mama doesn:t get mad) but a little wearied by us not being obedient children. You were supposed to leave me alone and go to bed, but you kept staying and we kept giggling and having a marvelous time!
- I remember watching part of a scary Audrey Hepburn movie with you and your friends and seeing a really scary part that made me feel really scared and bad. Later that night you laid down and my bed with me and turned on quiet peaceful music to help me be calm and not scared. 

- (Editor's note: Court's last memory has been deleted to protect the not-so-innocent)
  - I love you Chelsea!! I am happy we are sisters forever!

I love you my dear family!
Love Kingu Shimai

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