Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I know He is taking care of us

Dear Mama, 

Whew. The work is HASTENING! Yesterday at church, so many people came! Between the 8 of us missionaries in the Yamagata ward, 3 investigators, 3 less active members, and a potential investigator all came to church!!

Me and George Shimai taught Sunday School about the creation. We sang Whenever I hear the Song of a Bird as a class. At the end I shared my testimony about how there is a scripture that talks about how Heavenly Father knows even every little bird, He knows when a swallow falls.

At the MTC there were these cute little fat birds everywhere in the beautiful gardens. I loved watching them when we would study outside. They made me so happy!

Then here in Japan, there have been some moments of looking up and watching some birds flying in the sky, and thinking how Heavenly Father knows THAT bird, right there. And if He knows the birds, then He knows me, too. I love looking at the birds and remembering that I am being taken care of. I know He is taking care of us. I know His tender mercy is real. 

We are teaching this cute little family! The Endo family! Our favorite thing is to sing Once there was a Snowman and Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam together with actions! We love them!
The Japanese is coming along! Like the scripture that talks about growing from grace to grace, It really does grow one word at a time. Sometimes it feels so slow.

 But this last week I wanted to learn the words for "left" (hidari) and "right" (migi). I wrote them in my planner and worked on them. Then just a day or so later, when we were talking with a member and her friend at our lesson, they were talking about how they do folk dance. I didn:t understand everything, but could kind of follow that at least they were talking about dancing, and then I heard "hidari" and "migi"!! And they were laughing, so I think they were talking about how one of them has a hard time dancing and knowing if they:re supposed to be going right or left!

That is kind of how it goes talking with people...just smile and nod and say "hai" which means "yes" and in your brain your just try and pick up on the words you recognize and strand it together...something about this....something about that.......It all kind of comes together, sometimes! 

How is Nikki and Aunt Tonya doing? Have they had their babies yet? 

Mama, this week I was thinking/praying about how happy I am for you to be home again and that you don:t have to work the rest of your life!! Even still, when I pray, and I really try to pray from my heart, prayer is some of my most wonderful and sacred moments for me on my mission. I love praying. Really praying. I love this quote that says something about how it is better to have a prayer full of heart without any words, than a prayer full of words without any heart. I thought about how brave and strong you have been, through all these years of working. Its been hard. But you did it. And I feel so so proud of you!

Japan is still getting some snow, but we have some blue sky and sunshine too and boy, it is good for the soul! 

All my love!
Love Kingu Shimai

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